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You never need an appointment at AFC Urgent Care of Cleveland. We strive to have patients in and out in under an hour and a provider is always on-site.


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Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic in Cleveland, TN

Our providers are here for you when you need fast medical attention at a low cost. Located at the intersection of Mouse Creek Road and Keith Street, AFC Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic is in the center of town, making a quick trip from every area in Cleveland.

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Just a half hour drive from Chattanooga, the quaint suburb of Cleveland sits in the heart of Tennessee’s 13th most populous county, Bradley County, between Exit 20 and Exit 27 off Interstate 75. Cleveland is an economic hub, hosting business headquarters such as Lifecare Centers of America, International Church of God Offices and large manufacturers like M&M Mars, Whirlpool, Wacker, and several others. Cleveland is also home to two higher education institutions: Cleveland State Community College and Lee University. Named the “City with Spirit”, Cleveland offers great shopping complexes, a variety of restaurants, and exciting entertainment for residents and students alike, primarily along Keith Street and Paul Huff Parkway.

At AFC Urgent Care, we understand it’s hard to be a successful student when you get sick, especially with common illnesses like the flu, upper respiratory infections, stomach bugs, and more contagious sickness spreading around campus. With so many businesses in the area, healthy employees are essential, and AFC Urgent Care is here to help fight off sickness with affordable and quality care that fits even the busiest schedules.

To prevent common illnesses, try these healthy habits:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Drink water & stay hydrated
  • Stay active
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Get enough sleep

Cleveland is the 16th largest city in Tennessee with a population of more than 47,355 people, making it crucial to practice these habits to keep this spirited community healthy.

There is no shortage of things to do when you live in or visit Cleveland. Downtown Cleveland offers a great selection of local coffee houses and restaurants along with unique shops all while enjoying the scenery and architecture on the town square. Deer Park, Tinsley Park, Greenway Park and Fletcher Park are only a handful of the family-friendly amenities in Cleveland for a refreshing day outdoors. Enjoy more outdoor scenery while walking or biking the beautiful Cleveland Greenway, spanning over 3.94 miles along Mouse Creek with multiple access points throughout the city.

How can I prevent accidents while enjoying the outdoors?

Physicians urge people to be careful anytime they’re outdoors and be adequately prepared. Try to prevent heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of water and wear loose-fitting clothes. Additionally, apply sunscreen to avoid harsh sunburns.

If you’re walking on the greenway, it’s always a good idea to wear proper footwear that supports the rest of your body to prevent a long-term injury. Make sure to eat a nutritious snack before you hit the trail, so you don’t become hypoglycemic when your blood sugar gets low.

We understand that accidents and sickness still occur, even with the healthiest habits and most careful precautions. Whether you are a Cleveland resident, a college student, or a visitor, no one wants to interrupt the day with an injury or illness. At AFC Urgent Care, we prioritize fast relief so you can get back to everyday life. Visit us when a trip to your primary physician or the emergency room isn’t convenient.

Why should I go to urgent care instead of the emergency room?

A trip to the emergency room used to be the only option for medical attention when you couldn’t make an appointment with a primary care doctor. After several hours of waiting and picking up prescriptions, you lose precious hours of your day and valuable, hard-earned money from one E.R. visit. The average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,300 compared to $100 for an urgent care visit. More than 70% of emergency room visits can now be treated at urgent care facilities for a fraction of the cost. AFC Urgent Care provides affordable, high-quality care that serves as a great healthcare alternative.

Located on Mouse Creek Road near the Keith Street Walmart, AFC Urgent Care is conveniently near several pharmacies, ready to serve patients from every corner of Cleveland. We welcome patients 7 days a week with no appointment necessary. At AFC Urgent care, we work to minimize your wait time, maximize your care, and get you back to the life you love.

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